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Belkin International, Inc.


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It is extremely important to follow the guidelines for your specific device. Please see Installation for more information. Remember to follow the Peacock Thread first for background, use this page to identify your device model correctly, and use the dd-wrt download search page (DD-WRT Downloads page or secure version) to ensure that you are getting the correct file (or files, as often is required) for the job.

Belkin is one of the most messed up and confusing to follow on the dd-wrt charts. I am probably gonna wait to add Belkin last. So if anyone wants to jump in here and setup a page for each device, be my guest.

WARNING: Always use TFTP to flash Belkin routers if at all possible! Upgrading dd-wrt from the web interface can lead to a bricked (nonfunctional) unit!
  • Belkin F5D7130 v2001 same as F5D7230 except TFTP to IP address within 1 second of power on

Belkin b/g

Belkin b/g/n

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