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Buffalo WHR-HP-GN








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NOTE: During configuration or flashing a device, the only that should be hooked to the device is the computer and power.


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Serial Num. = ?
FCC ID = FDI-09101567-0
CPU Type = Atheros AR7240
MIPS Rev = ?
CPU Speed = 400MHz
Bus = ?
Flash Type = ?
Flash Chip = ?
Flash Size = 4MB
Max Firmware Size = 3801088 bytes
RAM Size = 32MB
RAM Chip = ?
nvram Size = ?
Switch = ?
Port-based vlan = ?
802.1q vlan = ?
Ethernet Port Count = ?
Wired Standard = IEEE 802.3?
boot_wait = ?
bootloader = ?
Flash Card Socket/Type = ?
SD/MMC Mod Support = ?
MiniPCI slots = ?
PoE = ?
Power = 5V/2.3A
Color of LEDs = ?
Size = ?
USB = ?
Serial Port = 1
JTAG Port = ?
Supported by TJTAG/Version = ?
Supported by dd-wrt as of = v24 SP2 - build 13406 - 20091207
dd-wrt K2.4 Support = ?
dd-wrt K2.6 Support = ?
Special Features = ?


Wireless Radio = Atheros
WLAN DSP processor = ?
Antenna Connector Type = ?
Wireless Standard = ??? IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
WiFi Operating Frequency = ?
 802.11n = up to 300Mbps
 802.11g = 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
 802.11b = 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
Radio cor_rev = ?
Radio Capabilities = ?

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1. Connect computer via switch

PC == Switch == WHR-HP-GN

2. cmd => ping -t -w 10
3. tftp ==> browse file xxxx.tftp (download from dd-wrt website)
4. unplug the WHR-HP-GN, and then switch on the WHR-HP-GN
5. Count 1 to 9 (count the response time in cmd) and hit the button (in tftp program)

NOTE>>> You need to find the exact time to hit the button... if not success, try again with another different waiting time


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Set your pc to static ip, netmask, gateway

open a cmd window and type arp -s ro:ut:er:ma:c

open your tftp program, enter filename, destination ip and set retries to 100. Don't start the tftp transfer yet.
(Destination is the router at

Power on the router, wait 5 seconds and then start the tftp transfer at the pc. It will normally take another 5-10 seconds before the transfer starts.

The above works for WHR-HP-G300N which is basically the same router as WHR-HP-GN

JTAG/Serial InfoEdit


JTAG PinoutsEdit
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JTAG RecoveryEdit
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Serial PinoutsEdit
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Hyper terminal Setup in Windows XPEdit
In Windows XP, Click Start Button - All Programs - Accessories - 
   Communication - HyperTerminal
Enter a name for the connection, Click ok
Choose com port you adapter is plugged into, Click ok
 Bits per second = 115200
 Data Bits = 8
 Parity = none
 Stop bits = 1
 Flow control = none
Click ok
Click File - Save As, and select a place to save it to so you 
             don't have to enter the settings again.
Putty Setup in Windows XPEdit
After installing putty, run it
 Serial line = The COM port your using for serial (ie. COM3)
 Speed = 115200
Click on Serial under Connection
 Serial line to connect to = same as above (Serial line)
 Speed (baud) = 115200
 Data bits = 8
 Stop bits = 1
 Parity = None
 Flow control = None
Click Session
 Enter a name for your connection under saved sessions
Click Save
Click Open
Serial RecoveryEdit
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USB InfoEdit

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vlan InfoEdit

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FCC PicturesEdit

Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC a Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC b Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC c

Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC d Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC e Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC f

Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC g Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC h Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC i

Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC j Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC k Buffalo WHR-HP-GN FCC l


Hardware ModificationEdit

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