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NOTE: 4704 processors are no longer supported in K2.6.
NOTE: If you are running K26 builds and have problems with Repeater mode (bridged is fine) please see/update this ticket.
NOTE: During configuration or flashing a device, the only that should be hooked to the device is the computer and power.
NOTE: If you want fewer problems flash to a recommended build. If you flash to the latest developmental build expect problems.

NOTE: Most of these links are to broadcom builds. Because that's what I own, except one atheros device.

Maximum firmware size

To be on a safe side, please check the size of new firmware file before flashing it to your router. Flashing too large firmware file can brick your router.

2MB flash chip / normal cfe (256k) : 1769472 bytes
2MB flash chip / compressed cfe (128k): 1900544 bytes
4MB flash chip (not Netgear): 3801088 bytes
4MB flash chip Netgear routers: 3735552 bytes
8MB flash chip: 7995392 bytes

Recommended Builds

  • Atheros (16785)
  • Broadcom K2.4 (14929)
  • Broadcom K2.6 (14929)
  • Broadcom Vint (15230)
  • Ralink (?)
  • Senao (?)
  • Ubiquiti (?)
  • Xscale (?)
  • X86 (?)

Current Developmental Builds

  • BrainSlayer v24 (18024)
  • BrainSlayer v24 K2.4 Broadcom (18024)
  • BrainSlayer v24 K2.6 Broadcom (18024)
  • BrainSlayer v24 Linksys WRT400N (18024)
  • Eko v24 K2.4 (17990) - Eko's builds are Broadcom only
  • Eko v24 K2.6 (17990) - Eko's builds are Broadcom only
  • Kong Mod (18050) - DD-WRT Kong Mod is a dd-wrt re-build for broadcom 47xx units with 8MB flash. Successfully tested units: WNR3500L V1, Asus RT-N16, Linksys WRT610N V1/V2.


General Links

dd-wrt notes

In Eko's builds big = mega - VPNC - SFTPSERVER

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