FANDOM = "gi-minni<br>Contributors - Dark_Shadow, Luniz2k1, FezJay, mojso, Wolf Kodi", arthu;


All Working on build 15452 k2.6 big RT-N16

V0.16.2-Currently Working on

Live Traffic has very little footprint now.

put this code in startup.


winscp upload mypage_V0.16.2-20101013.tar to the routers /tmp.

telnet login into dd-wrt and run this code.

nvram set mypage_scripts="/opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/"
nvram commit
mkdir /opt/www
tar xf mypage_V0.16.2-20101013.tar -C/opt/www
cd /opt/www
dos2unix M* m* u* w* setup/m* setup/t* setup/lang/* setup/libs/* js/* libs/* style/*
chmod -R 644 /opt/www/*
chmod -R 755 /opt/www/*.sh /opt/www/*.asp /opt/www/libs/*.sh /opt/www/js/*.js /opt/www/wrt*
chmod -R 755 /opt/www/setup/*.sh /opt/www/setup/libs/*.sh /opt/www/setup/lang/*.sh
chown root.root *

reboot the router.

Special Thx to the author gi-minni and to the contributors so far - Dark_Shadow, Luniz2k1, FezJay, mojso, Wolf Kodi and arthu

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gi-minni's last update - Forum Thread

It's been awhile since gi-minni made any updates. gi-minni went so far so fast I really couldn't keep up with the code change. I am slowly starting to figure things out. I have made some changes and a fix or 2. Just thought I would share in a clean thread since I am unsure when gi-minni will return.

I am open to additions, fixes, and translations. Bear with me since I am just learning what all the code does.


User Requests

Change Log

 [CHG] Incorperate arthu's changes - arthu

 [FIX] Fixed installation files - mojso
 [FIX] Fixed title bar of browser to match tab - Dark_Shadow
 [CHG] Reverse sort order so that most active is on top - Dark_Shadow
 [CHG] Incorporate FezJay's code changes to make reading more precise - FezJay
 [CHG] Make Per user Bandwidth Monitor page look like the rest of Mypage - Dark_Shadow
 [CHG] Center column titles - Dark_Shadow

 [NEW] Per user Bandwidth Monitor - Dark_Shadow - Wolf Kodi
 [CHG] Location adjustment on storage page - Dark_Shadow

 [FIX] Menu tab titles display correctly in title bar of browser - Dark_Shadow
 [NEW] Added Contributors - Dark_Shadow
 [NEW] Added Supported file systems on storage tab - Dark_Shadow

 [CHG] Menu tab titles now bold like the rest of the tabs - Dark_Shadow
 [FIX] NVRAM page page fix for linksys-wrt54g/gl/gs - Luniz2k1

 [NEW] NVRAM page is cached - gi-minni
 [NEW] Checksum for NVRAM added to NVRAM Page - gi-minni
 [NEW] Web shell library created - gi-minni
 [NEW] Pagebreak support with <span class="break"> added - gi-minni
 [CHG] NVRAM page is formatted for printer output - gi-minni
 [NEW] Print page support added to all pages - gi-minni
 [CHG] NVRAM text backup file is board dependent - gi-minni
 [CHG] NVRAM text backup file is done weekly - gi-minni
 [BUG] sshd hostkeys are now filtered correctly - gi-minni

 [NEW] Autorefresh pages can be started and stopped. Default is on - gi-minni
 [CHG] Added Bottom navigation link - gi-minni
 [CHG] Quick navigation links looks like buttons - gi-minni
 [BUG] DNS help text not shown - gi-minni
 [BUG] Device name is splitted on space and not cropped anymore - gi-minni
 [CHG] Backup buttons are now in NVRAM page - gi-minni
 [NEW] NVRAM page support backup and nvram as js text file - gi-minni
 [NEW] ProFTPD log support in Logs page - gi-minni

 [BUG] Optware page shows now content if /opt/bin/ipkg is found - gi-minni
 [CHG] Available Optware package info is gone, decreasing query time - gi-minni
 [CHG] Refactored color library for setup script - gi-minni
 [NEW] Added noop run simulation support for setup script - gi-minni
 [NEW] Added debug log, mainlog support for setup script - gi-minni
 [NEW] Added symbolic link, debug states for setup script - gi-minni
 [NEW] Added term, file, both debug states for setup script - gi-minni
 [CHG] Changed lib,log,lang dir be relative to current inst directory - gi-minni
 [CHG] Changed log output to own logs directory - gi-minni
 [CHG] Started validation library with checkRoot function - gi-minni
 [CHG] Refactored lang files in own lang directory - gi-minni
 [CHG] Refactored setup libs in own lib directory - gi-minni
 [CHG] logdate format reflect language dependency - gi-minni
 [CHG] Refactored installation script to - gi-minni
 [CHG] Refactored inst directory to setup - gi-minni
 [CHG] Added Scriptheader to all files - gi-minni

 [CHG] Install functions isolated in own lib file - gi-minni
 [ADD] shell environment to host page added - gi-minni
 [CHG] Installation script changed - gi-minni
 [CHG] speed arp request without name resolution - gi-minni
 [CHG] Host keys rearranged in own display block - gi-minni
 [CHG] Optware page throw an error if nvram variable is unset - gi-minni
 [CHG] Syslog page throw an error if nvram variable is unset - gi-minni
 [ADD] Optware, monitor & traffic page depends from inst. script - gi-minni
 [ADD] Installation script added - gi-minni
 [ADD] Interrupts info to host page added - gi-minni
 [CHG] Disk name changed to Partitions in storage page - gi-minni
 [ADD] all mountpoints info to storage page added - gi-minni
 [CHG] js, log, css and images refactored to it's own dir - gi-minni
 [CHG] Images can be shown in a bigger window - gi-minni
 [ADD] VLAN port mapping image added - gi-minni
 [CHG] IP table image rendered more clearer - gi-minni
 [BUG] refreshButton displays only one button if text is set - gi-minni
 [NEW] New if, bridge, vlan graphic blocks to traffic page added - gi-minni
 [CHG] NVRAM size and free space reformatted and NLS aware - gi-minni
 [CHG] Every navigation button has a title - gi-minni

 [ADD] Show the last 20 user and kernel log entries - gi-minni
 [ADD] New log page created - gi-minni
 [ADD] Go to and refresh navigation added to legend - gi-minni
 [ADD] Cron table in host page added - gi-minni
 [CHG] Memory info in host page changed - gi-minni
 [ADD] Routerboard information to host page added - gi-minni
 [ADD] NVRAM size and free space to NVRAM page added - gi-minni
 [ADD] Bridge interface to network page added - gi-minni
 [CHG] Help navigation to each display block changed - gi-minni
 [ADD] Legend navigation to top of each page added - gi-minni
 [ADD] lan2wan and log filter chains added - gi-minni
 [ADD] Chain images added - gi-minni
 [ADD] IP filter and NAT table added - gi-minni
 [ADD] New IP filter page created - gi-minni
 [CHG] Only top 20 processes listed - gi-minni
 [ADD] Established network port support added - gi-minni
 [CHG] Pagetitle is dynamic and language dependent - gi-minni
 [ADD] MyPage forum link added - gi-minni

 [ADD] Top processes live page added - gi-minni
 [ADD] Netstat live page added - gi-minni
 [CHG] ASP files renamed to sh - gi-minni
 [ADD] Dualband support added - gi-minni
 [ADD] Live update support with added - gi-minni
 [CHG] css statements refactored into mypage.css - gi-minni
 [BUG] arp -a changed to arp, cmd take to long to complete - gi-minni
 [BUG] opt ifconfig does not work, internal do - gi-minni
 [CHG] WLAN pagename changed to Wireless again - gi-minni
 [ADD] MyPage wiki link added - gi-minni
 [ADD] MyPage download link added - gi-minni

 [CHG] Every help header has a link to it's fieldset - gi-minni
 [CHG] Help can include hyperlink - gi-minni
 [CHG] Host and device are limited to 17 chars each - gi-minni
 [CHG] Due to space constraints mypage is rearranged 1 level up - gi-minni
 [ADD] Forum search added to the essential links - gi-minni
 [CHG] Flash- and diskblock position rearranged in storage page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Backup NVRAM download button added in storage page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Backup CFE download button added in storage page - gi-minni

 [ADD] Added One german and one english javascript file - gi-minni
 [ADD] Added common javascript file - gi-minni
 [ADD] Added German and English translations - gi-minni
 [ADD] Every page is NLS aware - gi-minni
 [CHG] Choosed Monospace font for a sharper view - gi-minni
 [CHG] Rearrangements stuff in main page - gi-minni 
 [CHG] Download file link adjusted to callback url - gi-minni
 [ADD] Theme depends from nvram variable router_style - gi-minni
 [ADD] Language depends from nvram variable language - gi-minni
 [ADD] Add device to the info header and also into the main page - gi-minni

 |ADD] Added date to the info header - gi-minni
 [ADD] Added ARP Table to network page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Added router database link - gi-minni
 [ADD] Hostname added to the info header - gi-minni
 [ADD] Started to add language support to the refresh button - gi-minni
 [ADD] Autorefresh WAN IP enabled in the header - gi-minni
 [ADD] Autorefresh uptime enabled in the header - gi-minni
 [ADD] dd-wrt about page added in the header - gi-minni
 [CHG] corrected various typos & bugs - gi-minni

 [ADD] Added relevant dd-wrt and svn links - gi-minni
 [CHG] Help information can display multiple links - gi-minni
 [ADD] Version information is showed on each page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Added inline stylesheet version - gi-minni
 [ADD] New OPT page shows the installed and available opt packages - gi-minni

 [ADD] Help information provided with notes and links - gi-minni
 [ADD] inline stylesheet added with note and also style - gi-minni

 [CHG] Pages are rendered in standard compliance mode (no quirks mode) - gi-minni
 [CHG] Page suffix changed to asp - gi-minni
 [ADD] Driver capabilities is wrapped as token for correct alignment - gi-minni
 [CHG] Wireless info depends on interface read from nvram variable - gi-minni
 [ADD] Help information is showed on each page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Flash information on storage page - gi-minni
 [CHG] Every wrapped lines is marked with the raquo symbol - gi-minni

 [DEL] Uptime information removed from every page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Header info reflect actual design - gi-minni
 [ADD] HTML pagetitle reflect actual design - gi-minni
 [ADD] Routing table added to network page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Domain name server added to network page - gi-minni
 [ADD] Kernel page added and wrapped at pos 75 for correct alignment - gi-minni
 [ADD] NVRAM page added and wrapped at pos 75 for correct alignment - gi-minni

 [ADD] netstat is cutted at pos 75 for correct alignment - gi-minni
 [ADD] process list is wrapped at pos 75 for correct alignment - gi-minni
 [NEW] initial version - gi-minni


Mypage1 - Host Mypage2 - Wireless Information Mypage13 - bwmon

nvram variables

nvram set mypage_scripts="/opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/ /opt/www/"
nvram commit
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