Following several forum items and suggestions from Frater, I successfully implemented an NFS service on my RT-16N router. I am running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (12/24/10) big - build 15962 and Optware Done the Right Way. I have an attached USB HDD for /opt and a big share that installs on /mnt.

1. Install portmap with ipkg-opt install portmap

2. Install unfs3 with ipkg-opt install unfs3

Both download the executable and a setup script installed in /opt/etc/init.d

unfs3 needs the libs in /opt/lib to run.

Frater recommends we avoid a global change to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so I changed the startup file as follows

/opt/etc/init.d# cat S56unfsd


if [ -n "`pidof unfsd`" ] ; then
    killall unfsd 2>/dev/null

sleep 2

#cjm /opt/sbin/unfsd

#cjm Make sure uClib is used and specify path for 'exports' file
/opt/sbin/unfsd -e /opt/etc/exports

3. create an exports file, such as

root@DD-WRT-Cape-RT16N:/opt/etc# cat exports
# /etc/exports: the access control list for filesystems which may be exported
#      to NFS clients.  See exports(5).
#cjm sets up exports 1 January 2011


4. reboot or manually start portmap and unfsd

sh /opt/etc/init.d/S55portmap
sh /opt/etc/init.d/S56unfsd

5. check to see they are running with ps -A

6. From another *nix on your LAN,execute

 showmount -e
Export list for

Since many seem to ask, I ran a quick comparison of file copy from My SuSE machine to this shared folder, which is accessable both with Samba3 and unfsd. The network is a GigE(wired). I copies a 1GB file from SuSE to DD-WRT/Optware

Samba3 - 4.7 MB/s avg
unfsd - 6.1Mb/s avg

The combination of the RT-16N/DD-WRT/OptwareDoneRight is awesome

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