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Featured Article of the Month


TJTAG Tjtag, is a jtag based recovery solution for routers and other jtag based devices.

New tjtag3.02 Final released

New for this version is many new flash devices, and support for:

E1000V2/V2.1 - Thanks BarryWare/RedHawk
WNR3500v2 - Thanks Dark_Shadow
DWL-2100AP A2/A3 - Thanks vpritiskovic, Ramponis
RT-N16 - Thanks Lom
BCM4716, BCM4717, BCM4718 - Thanks Lom
8-bit bus - /byte_mode
/cable:wiggler /cable:dlc5

And others..


make a PayPal donation of $5.00 or more, link is below.

E-mail with your confirmation # and specify what arch you want, Linux32, Linux64, Win32.

I will begin working on a Tjtag 3.0.2 win7 x64bit in the near future, if there are enough requests for it.

For usage, and supported routers:

For a > $10.00 donation, I will customize tjtag, for example:


EJTAG Debrick Utility v3.0.2 RC3 Tornado-MOD
Built especially for Dark_Shadow

I'm also accepting donations for custom built bootloaders, like the CFE, and will also build or modify CFE's with your desired mac address.

I'm currently looking for someone to test a Custom CFE for the RT-N16, this custom CFE will utilize 60/64k of nvram, but I do not have one to test on. Let me know if interested ?


Want JTAG support - Donate a router
or Donate with PayPal !

My preferred parallel jtag adapter:

Tjtag website -

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