its very usefull tutor, i did all the steps and is able to connect using this network. i am facing one problem in this. 1st let me explain my full network senario.

1) TP-Link router 1 with internet ip ( internet is DHCP connection)

2) TP-Link 2.4ghz wireless outdoor cpe TL-WA5210G IP: (CONNECTED WITH ROUTER 1 WITH POE)

3) dir-615 WITH DD-WRT (BUILD 21061) IP


Aprox distance between CPE & Dir615 is 100m to 150m.

Problem faced.


all network works fine but internet gets disconnected again and agained. when net is not working that time also network works fine. i am able to access LAN that time also. If i disable LAN card and anable it net works for some time again it stops and on disabling and reanabaling solves a problem.

Can you guide me in this case.

i've tried to give static ip to pc but it wont helped. Shrirang (talk) 15:03, May 31, 2014 (UTC)

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