WRT400N As a repeaterEdit

I am hoping to get some help with my WRT400N wireless router. It does give me access to internet and all but it every 2nd week or so; the connection drop to 1mps and disconnect. After rebooting routers and computers and laptop, it brings it back to decent speed. But it takes days. . I have a good idea what need to be done. I just need some steps to follow.

The setup here is: my neighbor is hook up with Bell Sympatico ISP and use a 2Wire router - modem. I had the WRT400N hook up or hard wire to the 2Wire modem and placed the WRT by the window near facing my house. (Houses are barely 20 feet apart). But even though it’s very close, I guess the walls and any obstacle break down the signal really. So I would like to setup the WRT400N as a repeater... I did inquire about it...but Linksys support have no idea how to proceed or just hangup on me or seomthing. I read about it; but I can't find all option on the WRT400N webpage. So if anyone of you can help by breaking down steps how to proceed or email me at I would appreciated it.


AFAIK Stock firmware cannot do this. 3rd party firmware must be flashed to get these functions.

WifiShadow 20:32, April 27, 2011 (UTC)