Software for N4100PRO Edit

Unlike N2100 and other N4100 boxes the N4100PRO is not an ARM device but has an x86 processor (AMD Geode LX800 running at 500 MHz).

Most web pages dealing with installation of additional software for Thecus boxes relate to N2100 and N4100/+ models. This software is compiled for an ARM architecture and so will not work on the 4100PRO. If you are looking in a Debian mirror for binaries choose the .deb files which have i386 in the file name.

Last File Manager (LFM) Edit

The application "Last File Manager" can be installed on the N4100PRO. Please see this page for details.

Tweaking Samba Edit

If you want to tweak Samba (the smb.conf file), you might want to see this page.

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